Solving riddles will act only as a stepping stone. But, you might get trapped in the maze with one wrong move.


CADathalon, enter the greatest marathon of your life but don't worry you can sit down for this own the entire time, designing on your laptop but don't think that you can win this one by not breaking in a sweat!


Bring out the delegate in you , represent a country, moreover, represent your policy on the topic - "Pooling In Of Resources For A United Space Agency". Steer the points in your favor to ace the discussion.


Put on your thinking hats to cope up in a race against time to fix a crisis on the International Space Station. Can you save the satellite from turning into a space debris ?


Do you believe you know everything about space ? If you have an answer, will you be able to create a balance between your knowledge and your wit when called upon ?


Hitch your wagon to stars to come up with a mock up proposal and then put your best foot in to convince space agencies to invest in your mission because it’s a space proposal pitch!


Come join us in an unconventional labyrinth of a celestial hunt to dive into the cosmos within! Put on your witty caps to decipher the clues of this treasure hunt.